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St. Olaf's 'ROI' page gains traction

By David Gonnerman '90
June 20, 2012

St. Olaf's newly launched page that outlines employment information for the Class of 2011, The Return on Investing in a St. Olaf Education, has attracted attention from the Chronicle of Higher Education and a blog featured on CBS MoneyWatch called The College Solution.

"Late last month St. Olaf College unveiled what is perhaps the most comprehensive Web site created by a college that attempts to answer the return-on-investment question," writes Jeff Selingo in Next, a Chronicle blog. And on her College Solution blog, Lynn O'Shaughnessy calls St. Olaf "trailblazing" for posting "amazingly detailed employment information for all to see.

"Clearly what St. Olaf is doing is making the case for a liberal arts degree," writes O'Shaughnessy. "I agree with the liberal arts supporters at St. Olaf and elsewhere who argue that the liberal arts are relevant in today’s job market. Employers are always going to need graduates that think and reason critically and can write cogently."

Also read the Star Tribune's feature about the college's focus on career preparation, and its follow-up story about the Return on Investment page.

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