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Ole selected for Congress-Bundestag exchange program

By Kyle Schut '13
June 27, 2012

As one of 75 young Americans selected for the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) program, Lauren Harn '12 will head to Germany in July for a year that includes several months of intensive language training, four months of university classes, and a five-month internship.

Funded cooperatively by the U.S. Congress and German Bundestag, the CBYX program began in 1983 as a means to strengthen U.S.-German relations. It's a competitive program that enables young professionals from both nations to participate in exchange programs involving intensive language studies and work experience. Participants receive a full scholarship that covers all travel and living costs.

Harn, who majored in German and economics at St. Olaf College, studied at the University of Konstanz in Germany during her sophomore year. She says the CBYX program's combination of university studies and an internship was a perfect fit for her interests.

"The chance to pursue international business in Germany was the main draw for me to this program," she says. "And I am excited to be back in an environment where I can use my German skills."

Shortly after her CBYX fellowship ends, Harn will return to Minneapolis to begin working with the Target Corporation. The company allowed her to defer her full-time job offer for a year so she could participate in the exchange program.

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