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Griep serves as Salzburg's artist in residence

By Kyle Schut '13
July 31, 2012

St. Olaf Professor of Art Mary Griep has been chosen to be the artist in residence for the city of Salzburg, Austria, where she has spent the month of July living and working at the Kunstlerhaus.

Her work there, a series of drawings based on the Vienna Franciscan Church, will ultimately become part of her ongoing Anastylosis Project that explores sacred spaces from the medieval era.  

The Kunstlerhaus is the primary studio workplace for visual artists in Salzburg, and it features nine studios and one exhibition space. Of the other eight artists currently working there, seven are from Salzburg or other areas of Austria. Griep is one of two international artists working at the Kunstlerhaus; the other is from Tehran, Iran.

Griep says she's enjoying the unfettered access she has to the many UNESCO World Heritage sites within the city as part of her residency.  

"The access to sites and material objects has been unparalleled in my experience and will result in drawings deeply connected to the sites," she says.

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