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'A Prairie Home Companion' to feature 'Holy Oles'

By Kari VanDerVeen
August 17, 2012

The Women's Vocal Ensemble of the St. Olaf Choir poses with A Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor (left) as part of a special cinecast performance they did with the show. Both the St. Olaf Choir and St. Olaf Orchestra will be featured in this weekend's broadcast.

The Saturday, August 18, broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion — dubbed "Holy Oles" — will feature a combination of shows that host Garrison Keillor and company have done on the St. Olaf College campus.

The St. Olaf Choir will be featured singing Norge, mitt Norge, and the St. Olaf Orchestra can be heard performing Shostakovich. The show will also feature VocalEssence Artistic Director and former St. Olaf Regent Philip Brunelle outlining the history of choir pianists at St. Olaf and the story of Clarence Bunsen and his friend friend Cliff and how they met at St. Olaf.

Other elements of the show include Heather Masse singing the "Lutheran Song" and Guy Noir on the trail of a missing student.

Broadcast information can be found on the Prairie Home Companion website.


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