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From the Middle East to the Star Tribune

By Kari VanDerVeen
October 23, 2012

Amy Lohmann '14 stands in the ruins of Pergamon, an ancient Greek city in modern-day Turkey.

As she lounged in a cafe on the streets of Istanbul, nibbling on chocolate and sipping a tiny Turkish coffee, Amy Lohmann '14 shared her first impressions of life in the Middle East with readers of the Star Tribune.

Lohmann is one of seven college students selected to write about their experiences abroad for the Star Tribune's World Class blog. As a participant in St. Olaf College's Term in the Middle East program, she'll share what she learns while traveling through Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and Israel this fall.

So far her blog posts have outlined experiences ranging from hiking the Rif Mountains to taking in the historical significance of the site of Troy.

The 14 St. Olaf students on the college's Term in the Middle East program  which this year focuses on travel writing  also have a class blog that features regular reflections from each of them.

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