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Asian Conversations receives grant from Japan Foundation

By Bradley West '13
November 6, 2012

St. Olaf College's Asian Conversations program recently received a $38,500 grant from the Japan Foundation that will be used to provide a scholarship to each of the 13 students going on a study-abroad program to Japan this Interim.

The grant, part of the foundation's Japan-America Collegiate Exchange Travel Program, will provide each of the students with a $2,500 scholarship to defray travel and housing expenses. Funds from the grant will also be used to pay for the program's guest speakers and lecturers.

Asian Conversations is a year-long, interdisciplinary program that focuses on the movement of people and ideas throughout Asia. Students studying Japanese or Chinese can enroll in the Asian Conversations program to augment and contextualize their language studies.

The program includes Interim travel to Japan and China, with the bulk of the time spent in the country of the student's chosen language of study. By studying abroad, Asian Conversations students get to practice their foreign language skills through independent research activities while also learning how contemporary people construct and understand their culture.

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