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Oles set record on Give to the Max Day

By Kari VanDerVeen
November 16, 2012

Oles once again proved that they know how to "give to the max."

For the third straight year, St. Olaf College won its division during the Give to the Max Day online giving challenge.

The win earned St. Olaf a $12,500 bonus from sponsor That, combined with the $233,351 contributed by 1,272 donors throughout the day, made November 15 the single most successful day in annual giving history at St. Olaf.

"We are deeply thankful to the alumni, parents, and friends who made this happen," says Tracy Fossum, director of the St. Olaf Fund. "Their enthusiastic generosity helps provide the margin of excellence that distinguishes the St. Olaf experience from the rest."

St. Olaf raised the fifth-highest dollar amount in the state during this year's 24-hour giving challenge. More than 4,300 nonprofit organizations received donations during Give to the Max Day.

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