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VIDEO NEWS: Carleton's president loses bet
OCTOBER 29, 2010

On Friday morning Carleton's new president, Steven G. Poskanzer, headed across town to St. Olaf to settle his debts with President David R. Anderson '74. The two had made a friendly wager over the annual St. Olaf–Carleton football game ...

How to dance 1,500 miles in seconds
OCTOBER 29, 2010

The St. Olaf Dance Department recently presented a unique "telematic" dance event that allowed St. Olaf dancers on campus to teach and demonstrate dance to counterparts some 1,500 miles away in California. “I think we are looking at one of the newest and most efficient ways to learn,” says Shannon Denzel '12.

Student composition to help kick off alumni choir's 20th season
OCTOBER 27, 2010

St. Olaf student Stanford Scriven '11 has composed a new choral work that will be premiered by Magnum Chorum during the alumni choral ensemble’s joint concert with the St. Olaf Choir Saturday.

Chemistry faculty receive NIH grant
OCTOBER 26, 2010

A $200,000 grant that Associate Professors of Chemistry Jeff Schwinefus and Greg Muth received from the National Institutes of Health to study the folding of DNA and RNA will fund nine student research positions over three years.

Lunchtime Live a success
OCTOBER 21, 2010

The inaugural web broadcast of Lunchtime Live went off without a hitch, as President David R. Anderson '74 spent 30 minutes addressing the state of the college and answering online questions from alumni and parents. The broadcast can be viewed at any time through the Multimedia archives.

'A Prairie Home Companion' features St. Olaf singers
OCTOBER 21, 2010

The Women's Vocal Ensemble of the St. Olaf Choir was one of the featured performers in a special cinecast of A Prairie Home Companion that was shown in more than 500 movie theaters across North America Thursday night. An encore presentation will be held in theaters across the country tonight.

Cleveland conductor subs for Amundson on tour
OCTOBER 21, 2010

When health issues sidelined St. Olaf Orchestra Conductor Steven Amundson just as his ensemble was leaving on tour, Tito Muñoz, the assistant conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra, agreed to fill in. Watch Muñoz lead the orchestra during their Home Concert performance Monday.

Introducing Lunchtime Live
OCTOBER 20, 2010

President David R. Anderson '74 will discuss the state of the college live online October 21 and respond to questions submitted during his remarks by parents and alumni.

'Big Print' occupies Buntrock Commons
OCTOBER 19, 2010

The local nonprofit ArtOrg has installed a 5,000-square-foot collaborative public art piece called The Big Print in Buntrock Commons.

Ojala shows photos at Groveland Gallery
OCTOBER 18, 2010

Professor of Art/Art History Meg Ojala will open a show of her photography at the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis October 22. The show, called Far and Near, will run through November 27.

Star Tribune checks out 'This Here Now'
OCTOBER 15, 2010

"An exhibition at St. Olaf poses big questions about the uneasy relationship between the natural world and human consciousness," writes Mason Riddle in the Star Tribune. The show, called This Here Now, runs through the end of October.

How eight hours of sleep changed one Ole's life
OCTOBER 14, 2010

A video by Gordon Finnegan '13, "How Eight Hours of Sleep Changed My Life," chronicles how his life improved while getting more sleep during a Huffington Post contest. In fact, things are so much better that he plans to continue climbing into bed by 11 p.m. "It surprised me that my mother was right all those years!”

Clift's cello enjoys a 'homecoming'
OCTOBER 12, 2010

A highlight for Instructor Anna Clift, cello, as she performed with the Minnesota Orchestra on its recent European tour included a stop in Edinburgh, Scotland, where her cello was made in 1812. Although she didn't have time to visit the workshop was where it was made, "My cello was very happy during our performance that night,” she says.

VIDEO NEWS: Tale of a trout stream
OCTOBER 8, 2010

St. Olaf's new isotope ratio mass spectrometer gives student researchers a powerful tool to analyze tiny substances “with a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer.” This summer faculty member Stephanie Schmidt and her researchers used the instrument to inform Bridgewater Township’s Rice Creek Concerned Citizens group about the state of their trout stream.

Student research turns pond scum into energy
OCTOBER 5, 2010

Ben Auch '12 is researching ways to turn algae into biofuel, and his cutting-edge work recently earned him an Environmental Protection Agency fellowship. "What’s exciting to me is that our national and global energy problem, both in terms of our energy independence and global climate change, can be an energy opportunity," he says.

Marino lands full-page Times review
OCTOBER 5, 2010

Professor of Philosophy Gordon Marino recently landed a full-page review of a new collection of Gay Talese's sportswriting from 1948 to 2006, The Silent Season of a Hero, in the New York Times Sunday Book Review.

Howe sees ancient influence on American politics
OCTOBER 1, 2010

Associate Professor of History Tim Howe recently returned from an invitation-only symposium in Spain about Alexander the Great. The paper Howe presented investigates how Alexander and his successors were able to manipulate the past to their advantage — a phenomenon that Howe says parallels current American politics.