College Democrats

Category: Political

The St. Olaf College Democrats seek to be a resource for all Oles desiring to involve themselves in the political process. We serve as a link between the St. Olaf community and Democratic organizations and campaigns across the city, county, state, and nation. The main purpose of the St. Olaf Democrats is to advocate for the progressive ideals of the Democratic party, both on campus and anywhere in the world. We will strive to promote collaboration with other organizations to increase the scope of our empathy as a student body. Lastly, we will work to foster dynamic, positive activism to oppose bigotry, discrimination, and marginalization in any manifestation. Check out our website and events on Facebook!


Meetings: Thursday @ 8:00 PM in the David E Johnson Boardroom (normally)


  • President: Tristan Voegeli (voegel1)

Last Updated: 5/10/18