Cultural Union for Black Expression (CUBE)

Category: Diversity Celebration Programs

CUBe is an organization that discusses and analyzes the depth of the African-American experience while also relating to the experience of other underrepresented groups. Issues that effect African-American communities are the main focus of the group but are not the only points of our focus. The group organizes events that expand the knowledge of African American history and culture. CUBe is also responsible for hosting a variety of on-campus events, including February’s Black History Month festivities.


Meetings: @7pm (Bi-weekly) RML 515


  • Co-chair: Demetrius Brown (brown2)
  • Co-chair: Marnicia Johnson (johnso1)
  • Secretary: Efren Ramirez (ramire1)
  • Treasurer: Jabri Whirl (whirl1)

Last Updated: 6/26/17