Education Minnesota Student Program (EMSP)

Category: Academic

EMSP is an organization associated with the Education Department on campus as well as Education Minnesota. Our goal is to provide students on campus information about the teaching profession and issues revolving around the education system. The program provides a community for education students. It helps students register for the MTLE exams for teaching licensure, provides seminars and guest speakers for students, and hosts social events for education students and faculty members each semester.


  • Humanities Licensure Representative: Colin Alexander (alexan1)
  • Secretary and Fine Arts Licensure Representative: Nathan Berthelsen (berthe1)
  • Publicity Manager: Alyssa Boss (boss1)
  • Fall Languages Licensure Representative: Maggie Chen (chen1)
  • STEM Licensure representative: Emily Hoopman (hoopma1)
  • Spring Languages Licensure Representative: Erik Lepisto (lepist1)
  • Treasurer: Catherine McCreadie (mccrea1)
  • Vice President: Emily Oberto (oberto1)
  • Spring STEM Licensure Representative: Jack Wolf (wolf5)
  • President: Emma Wortman (wortma1)

Last Updated: 12/5/17