Deep End APO

Category: Special Interest

Deep End Alpha Psi Omega is dedicated to creating acting, directing, writing, and technical opportunities for students of all disciplines. In an effort to create theatre for students by students, all productions are completely student run and all St. Olaf students are welcome to attend meetings, audition, and apply for any position regardless of academic pursuit.

Meetings: Mondays 5:00pm in the greenroom of the theatre building

Contacts:  Production Mgr Sara Albertson (albert1), Artistic Director Seton FitzMacken (fitzmack), Business Manager William Ibele (ibele1), Education and Outreach Associate Margaret Jacobson (jacobson), PR/Marketing Director Charles Mayo III (mayo1), Managing Director Christine Menge (menge1), Faculty Advisor Dona Werner Freeman (freemand)

Last Updated: 8/25/15