Deep End APO

Category: Special Interest

Deep End Productions is a combined production company and theatre honor society that seeks to better the St. Olaf community through theatre-related service opportunities and live theatrical productions. We strive to build a growing community of theater-makers as an arm of the St. Olaf College Theater Department. Activities include weekly meetings, masterclasses, workshops, alumni panels, social gatherings, service opportunities, and theatrical productions.


Meetings: Mondays 5:00pm in the greenroom of the theatre building


  • Claire Correll (corel1)
  • Meredith Enersen (enerse1)
  • Director of Service and Outreach: Paige Marshall (marsha5)
  • Director of Communications: Cait McCluskie (mcclus2)
  • Tamsin Olson (olson17)
  • Faculty Advisor: Randy Reyes (reyes4)
  • Production Manager: Veronica Silva (silva2)

Last Updated: 5/16/18