Habitat for Humanity

Category: Volunteer Network Programs

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that works to build affordable, decent housing for people who are in need. Habitat is not a give-away program - people work to build their own homes. Habitat helps to create a diverse, loving community of people helping people. It is currently the largest home builder in the nation. Everyone is welcome to participate! St. Olaf Habitat's biggest projects are our spring break trips: for one week, we go to locations around the country to work with other Habitat affiliates. It is always a great experience! You don't have to go on a spring break trip to get involved, though. Join our alias to find out about the other volunteer and engagement opportunities we offer throughout the year!

Meetings: Monthly. Join the e-mail alias for details!

Contacts:  Ole Chair Sevinc Dundar (dundar), Treasurer Matt Ferguson (fergusom), Co-President Kali Gustafson (gustafsk), Co-President Susie Hoops (hoops), Co-President Caitlin Nelson (nelsoncr), Ole Chair Taylor Okonek (okonek1), Treasurer Jon Vajgrt (vajgrt1)

Last Updated: 10/23/15