International Students Organization (ISO)

Category: Diversity Celebration Programs

The International Student Organization serves to facilitate discussions and exchanges on a series of cultural, political and personal topics by a series of events such as dinners, dances, International Awareness Week and the annual International Night. ISO also serves to strengthen the bonds between students from different backgrounds, while helping international students integrate into the greater student body. All are welcome to help coordinate or participate in ISO events, and membership is open to all St. Olaf students.

Contacts:  PR Prabana B. Mendis (balapuwa), DCC Financial Karl Elfstrom (elfstrom), Dept. Head Sindy Fleming (fleminsl), DCC Graham Glennon (glennon), DCC Representative Jauza Khaleel (khalee1), Advisor Kris MacPherson (macphers), PR Merve Mert (mert), Co-Chair Rai Musthafa (musthafa), Co-Chair Erik Nelson (nelsoea), Secretary Maria Swanson (swansonm), Treasurer Irham Yunardi (yunardi)

Last Updated: 4/22/15