International Students Organization (ISO)

Category: Diversity Celebration Programs

Mission Statement: The International Students' Organization (ISO) serves to facilitate discussions and exchanges on a series of cultural, political and personal topics. ISO also serves to strengthen the bonds between students from different backgrounds.

Contacts:  DCC Coordinator Jinhee Cha (chaj), Co-Chair Nadia El Mouldi (elmoul1), DCC Financial Karl Elfstrom (elfstrom), Dept. Head Sindy Fleming (fleminsl), DCC Graham Glennon (glennon), Co-Chair Precious Ismail (ismail), Secretary Obinna Iwuji (iwuji1), Treasurer Tariro Mwendamberi (mwenda1), PR Natasha Ndahiro (ndahir1), DCC Representative My Khe B Nguyen (nguyen7), Dept. Head Emiko Oonk (oonk1), Co-Chair Bidit Sharma (sharma1)

Last Updated: 9/16/16