Men's Rugby Club

Category: Club Sports

Men's Rugby is dedicated to teaching the game of rugby with an emphasis on safety and camaraderie between players. We play a different college every Saturday during fall season with a MIAC playoff and in the spring we travel across the country going to tournaments. It's a great way to fulfill your competitive need, stay in shape, and meet new people. Practices are generally MWF 4:30-6:30 PM on old main field Interim practices this year are T-Th from 8-9PM. Contact the captains via email ( with questions.

Contacts:  SOC Coordinator Charlie Bahnson (bahnson), co-captain Erik Berg (berg4), co-captain Daniel Betekhin (betekh1), co-captain Markus Helmken (helmke1), co-captain John Smith (smith20)

Last Updated: 5/14/17