Students for Reproductive Rights

Category: Awareness

Students for Reproductive Rights works on several levels to protect and enhance reproductive rights and health for women. In addition to working to elect pro-choice candidates, we connect students and their legislators at both local and national levels to ensure access to reproductive health care and comprehensive sex education. Some examples of these efforts include petition-signing drives, participation in Minnesota’s Pro-Choice Lobby Day, and weekend volunteering trips to the local women’s health clinic. Throughout the year we look to partner with other organizations in order to promote related causes, such as health care access and political enfranchisement. Watch for us outside the cafeteria where we table throughout the year to raise awareness about our cause!

Meetings: TBA

Contacts:  Coordinator Malika Dale (dalem), Coordinator Nikki Lewis (lewis1), Coordinator Zoe Marquis-Kelly (marqui1)

Last Updated: 4/21/16