Students for Reproductive Rights

Category: Awareness

Students for Reproductive Rights works on several levels to protect and enhance reproductive rights and health for women. In addition to working to elect pro-choice candidates, we connect students and their legislators at both local and national levels to ensure access to reproductive health care and comprehensive sex education via signing petitions and participating in Minnesota's Pro-Choice Lobby Day. We also serve as abortion clinic escorts; we walk women from their cars to clinic doors, serving as a buffer between women seeking abortions and anti-choice protestors. With the help of St. Olaf's Wellness Center and the Gender and Sexuality Center, we host the Reproductive Health Fair, which provides students with information on many topics related to reproductive health, sex practices, and the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. We also host the Vagina Carnival during national V-Week (a movement to end violence against women), where games, piƱatas, arts and crafts, and of course cake are always involved!

Meetings: TBA

Contacts:  Coordinator Lisa Cole (colel), Coordinator Malika Dale (dalem), Coordinator Payne McMillan (mcmillap)

Last Updated: 4/10/15