Sexual Assault Resource Network (SARN)

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The Sexual Assault Resource Network, SARN, takes a stand against sexual assault and intimate violence on the St. Olaf campus through supporting survivors and raising awareness in the college community. SARN advocates are a group of caring and committed state certified sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse student advocates. SARN is a CONFIDENTIAL source on campus. Our principle concern is making sure that survivors of sexual, domestic and emotional abuse find their needs and concerns met with compassion and competence at St. Olaf College. Our services include: victims' rights and legal advocacy, crisis intervention, referrals, assistance with administrative hearing processes, education and information on sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and healthy relationships or just someone to talk to. Advocates are on call nightly from 8 pm to 8 am during the academic year at x3777. We are also available during chapel time and community time in our office in room 113 Buntrock during the weekdays. For other appointments times email For statistical infomation on sexual assault go to For free STD testing check out the Red door clinic at,2300,1273_82128_100248120,00.html


Meetings: Wednesdays at 7:00 PM BMC012


  • Co-Chair: Elizabeth Branscum (bransc1)
  • Co-Chair: Addie Hakes (hakes1)
  • VN Coordinator: Becca Person (person1)

Last Updated: 4/18/18