St. Olaf EMTs (SOEMT)

Category: Volunteer Network Programs

The St. Olaf EMT service is a student-run emergency response team dedicated to providing the highest quality emergency medical care to the St. Olaf community. By volunteering alongside Public Safety, Residence Life, and Northfield Hospital, students can maintain critical skills while providing a service to the college. The group also provides educational (CPR and First Aid courses) and service opportunities for all students and staff.

Meetings: Variable

Contacts:  SOC Coordinator Charlie Bahnson (bahnson), President Sasha Dmytrenko (dmytreno), Secretary Laura Langan (langan1), Education Coordinator Caitlyn Morris (morrisc), Treasurer Nik Randall (randall), VP Adrian Ripeckyj (ripeckyj), Treasurer Jon Vajgrt (vajgrt1), Treasurer Madeleine Wagner Sherer (wagner1)

Last Updated: 4/24/17