Women's Ultimate

Category: Club Sports

St. Olaf Women's Ultimate is an emerging force in the school as well as the state of Minnesota. This sport combines the athleticism of soccer with the intensity of rugby. We are always recruiting new girls -- no experience necessary, just a good attitude and a willingness to work hard and have fun!!!!! Durga is our A-team led by Beret A., Janna J., and Emma K. We have competed at DIII Nationals multiple years in the past, finishing fifth last year. We're looking to maintain a strong level of competition and commitment while also growing together as a big ultimate family with Shanti. Shanti is our B-team which also competes competitively, but at a level ideal for beginners. Shanti is perfect for those who wish to learn and gain experience before playing with Durga or for those not interested in National-level play. Between Durga and Shanti we have a place for everyone interested in playing and learning Ultimate!

Meetings: Practice times vary

Contacts:   Beret Amundson (amundsob),  Durga Captains (durgacaptains), Apparel Coord Grace Freeman (freemang),  Janna Jansen (jansen),  Emma Keiski (keiski), Treasurer Ellen Mesnik (mesnik)

Last Updated: 11/21/14