St. Olaf Women's Lacrosse

Category: Club Sports

The St. Olaf Women's Lacrosse team (STOLAX) is a growing club team, welcoming both experienced and novice players. We have both a fall and a spring season. The fall season is shorter and more relaxed, consisting of two to three practices a week and about two tournaments. The season's main purpose is to have fun and get to know each other better. The spring season is more competitive, with league games that contribute to our overall national ranking. This season consists of three practices a week, and about 14 games. The purpose of the women's lacrosse team is to have fun while playing a competitive team sport. Playing lacrosse at St. Olaf is an opportunity for women to play on a sports team that not only encourages athleticism, but also camaraderie.

Contacts:  President Rachel Bash (bash), Captain Jessie Dahlquist (dahlquij), Captain Becca Dysthe (dysthe), Vice President Megan Norby (norby)

Last Updated: 4/10/15