St. Paul's Outreach

Category: Religious

Saint Paul's Outreach is a Catholic organization that provides all Christians with the opportunity to gather together in prayer, to share in Christian fellowship, and grow personally in faith. The organization provides Wednesday night fellowship events, on-campus Masses, men's and women's small groups and more! Email Mary Beth Dahl ( to be added to the SPO email alias to receive weekly information about activities.


Meetings: Wednesday night fellowship from 6:30pm-8:00pm, Sunday Last-Chance Mass at 8:00pm, various small groups, and more!


  • Student Missionary: Mary Beth Dahl (dahl1)
  • Student Missionary: Rebecca Ferrer (ferrer1)
  • Student Missionary: Claire Jussel (jussel1)
  • Student Missionary: Mitchell Miller (miller4)
  • Student Missionary: Bridget Olson (olson3)

Last Updated: 9/12/17