Karibu Association

Category: Diversity Celebration Programs

Karibu is an organization created to strengthen the African and Caribbean community and those interested in the culture as well as to increase the awareness, understanding, and celebration of the various countries of Africa and the Caribbean and their unique cultures among all students of St. Olaf.

Website: http://wp.stolaf.edu/mca/

Meetings: Wednesdays, 8-9 pm in the Lair


  • Co-Chair: Morountodun Adebiyi (adebiy1)
  • Treasurer/DCC Representative: Norman Buruchara (buruch1)
  • Secretary/Events coordinator: Carlos Luis Fernandez Lopez (fernan4)
  • Co-Chair: Abdelkarim Mahmoud (khalid1)
  • PR: Gugu Mkhulisi (mkhuli1)
  • Social and Political Chair: Hibo Mohamed (mohame3)
  • Secretary/Events coordinator: Angela Mrema (mrema1)
  • DCC Financial: Tariro Mwendamberi (mwenda1)

Last Updated: 11/2/17