Ballroom Performance Team

Category: Club Sports

The St. Olaf Ballroom Performance Team (BPT) promotes ballroom dance on campus and in the community by choreographing and performing partnered ballroom dances. BPT performs annually at the President's Ball, dance concerts, and community events. BPT provides its members with the opportunity to develop their ballroom dance technique beyond that of social dance and into the realm of competition dance. Additionally, we are beginning to engage in the greater ballroom community by attending competitions. If you would like more information about BPT please contact Sabrina Easley or Ivy Tong.



  • Marketing and Finance: Sabrina Easley (easley1)
  • Coach, President: Ivy Tong (tong2)
  • Co-President: Fengdi Xiao (xiao1)

Last Updated: 9/19/17