Team Tibet

Category: Diversity Celebration Programs

Team Tibet strives to spread awareness about Tibet and issues pertaining to Tibet. It is a platform to discuss the political, social and cultural scenarios of Tibet and share the knowledge with the St Olaf community. Additionally, the members also help out at Lamton, a tutoring/mentoring program for Tibetan students in the twin cities.

Meetings: Tuesday 5:30-6:30 @ BC 143

Contacts:  DCC Graham Glennon (glennon), DCC Coordinator Karla Huaman Ruiz (huamanru), Treasurer/DCC representative Tenzin Jampa (jampa1), Secretary Bimala Shrestha (shrestha), PR head Rigzin Tamchos (tamchos), PR head Kathy Trieu (trieu), Co-Chair Sonam Tsangspa (tsangspa), Co-Chair Choyang Yangkyi (yangkyi)

Last Updated: 3/31/16