Hmong Women Dialogue

Category: Multicultural

Hmong Women Dialogue is a support group for the Hmong women on campus. HWD provides a space in which women and/or men can discuss issues that are relevant to them through personal stories, movies, poetries, guest speakers, and other activities. HWD will promote awareness to the Hmong and the St. Olaf community on issues involving Hmong women. More than just a support group, HWD is dedicated to challenging and changing the ways Hmong women are perceived.

Meetings: 6:00-7:00 pm in TOH 314

Contacts:  President Zoua (Zozo) Lor (lor2), Public Relations Dua Vang (vang7), Vice-President Pa Xiong (xiongpa), Treasurer Tracy Xiong (xiong2)

Last Updated: 5/10/16