Hmong Women Dialogue

Category: Multicultural

Hmong Women Dialogue (HWD) is a support group focused on Hmong women. HWD has three key components: Dialogue, Empowerment, and Community. HWD provides a space in which men and women can discuss issues that are relevant to them through personal stories, guest speakers, and other activities. Secondly, HWD conducts outreach projects on- and off-campus to promote leadership and engagement. Lastly, HWD aims to build a social support group on-campus. HWD will promote awareness to the Hmong and the St. Olaf community on issues involving Hmong women.

Meetings: 6:00-7:00 pm in TOH 314

Contacts:  SOC Coordinator Charlie Bahnson (bahnson), President Zoua (Zozo) Lor (lor2), Public Relations Dua Vang (vang7), Vice-President Pa Xiong (xiongpa), Treasurer Tracy Xiong (xiong2)

Last Updated: 4/5/17