Hip Hop Club

Category: Special Interest

St. Olaf's Hip Hop Club teaches student-created Hip Hop Dance choreography to anyone of any ability level. Most of the choreography is done by the older members of the group, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to teach what they have come up with in our group. We'd like to emphasize that NO ONE should feel intimidated by Hip Hop dance, and that we're just here to have fun! We do have a performance team (Ruckus), that also meets on Sundays. Anyone who attends Hip Hop Club is welcome to be a part of Ruckus, but it is completely up to the individual. We typically perform about three times a school year, and have hosted a few Hip Hop Expos with other colleges.

Meetings: Tuesdays at 9:00 in Dittman Studio 2

Contacts:  President Peter Kwaku (ageyema1)

Last Updated: 10/10/16