Gender and Sexuality Center

Category: Awareness

The GSC is located in Ytterboe 241, and its purpose is to be a safe and affirming space for all students, regardless of gender or sexuality. It is a resource center that seeks to educate by increasing awareness and creating dialogue around issues of gender and sexuality, including feminism, queer and ally issues, transgender issues, and safe sex practices, as well as the intersectional effects of these issues. The GSC is intended to be a resource center that will hold events and provide information to anyone who wants to learn more about gender, sexuality, and their place in the St. Olaf Community, as well as to work with the college to improve the treatment of queer and gender-diverse students. Email the leaders at for more information or to be added to our email list.

Contacts:  Volunteer Coordinator Nick Condon (condon), Co-Coordinator Jon Hollister (hollis1), Co-Coordinator Erica Hoops (hoops1), Co-Coordinator Emery Rankin-Utevsky (utevsk1), Co-Coordinator Caitlin Whiteley (whitel1), Co-Coordinator Eleanor Worley (worley)

Last Updated: 5/10/16