Girl Scouts

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Volunteering for the Girl Scouts will give you the opportunity to work with girls ages five to eighteen in a slightly structured environment. Male and female volunteers are welcome, and the time commitment is up to you. You may choose to lead your own troop, help out with an existing troop, or just be available for large group programs and cookie sales. Your involvement may be local or you may choose to participate in activities in the cities such as the Mall of America Overnight. The big event for the year is the Girl Scout Earth Day celebration that is held on the St. Olaf campus each spring. Volunteers are needed to help plan and/or implement projects for this event. You may decide to make this a very low time commitment, or something more! Leadership skills and a love for kids are all you need to volunteer with the Girl Scouts! Contact: Liz Cooney,, Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys, 1.800.845.0787 Ext. 1522 to get this organization active on campus again.

Contacts:   Melanie Jones (jonesm),  Annie Stewart (stewart)

Last Updated: 8/28/14