Green Bikes and Bike Box

Category: Special Interest


Greenbikes is a student-run bike share program for the St. Olaf community. Our goal is to develop and maintain a fleet of bicycles for people to use for going into Northfield, riding around campus or just for fun. Check out your Green Bike from the front desk the library.


The St. Olaf Bike Box is new this year. It's a community bike shop located in Ytterboe 46. The Bike Box is open for students to work on their own bikes for a $1 donation to Green Bikes. Green Bikes mechanics are exempt, so come help, learn some skills and find out how much more fun your bike is when you tune it yourself!

Meetings: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Evenings, 7-9 PM in Ytterboe 46

Contacts:  mechanic Kellen Mulford (mulford), mechanic Kellen Mulford (mulford), mechanic Kellen Mulford (mulford)

Last Updated: 10/14/14