Interfaith Conversation (ICON)

Category: Religious

What does “interfaith” mean? We define interfaith as bringing together people of different beliefs in order to build deeper understanding and respect for each other and our worldviews. So a bunch of words that don’t mean much? We hope not. Interfaith is about getting to know your neighbor, seeking to learn what the person next to you believes and why, asking how one’s beliefs influence one’s life. It’s not necessarily about coming to a conclusion as to whether all religions are the same or all belief systems are fundamentally opposed to each other, but rather developing an appreciation for different beliefs and the commonalities we share. In talking to people committed to and open to sharing their faith/non-faith, we believe people will not only gain new understanding, but will be able to grow in their own beliefs. The better we understand one another and ourselves, the more likely our beliefs will act as bridges rather than barriers.

Last Updated: 4/14/14