Category: Special Interest

STO Talks is a two-day conference shaped around a series of short, entertaining presentations from the most inspired St. Olaf College professors, students and alumni who are passionate about sharing their best ideas with the greater community. The talks will facilitate a new level of connectivity throughout the St. Olaf academic community through the sharing of ideas and innovations of how our critical thinking and unselfish ideals are preparing us to make a positive impact on the community around us. It's like TED, but at St. Olaf.


Meetings: Wednesday 5-6pm RNS284


  • Alumni Speaker Liaison: Mary Landis Gaston (gaston1)
  • Treasurer: Paul Johnson (johnso52)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Aileen Martinez (martin34)
  • Executive Director & Chair: Hugo Valent (valent1)
  • Student Speaker Liaison: Daniel Vojcak (vojcak1)

Last Updated: 10/14/17