Beyond the Conversation

Category: Academic

Beyond the Conversation provides a setting in which to discuss literature, philosophy, history, religion, art, music, and other topics loosely related to the Great Conversation program's curricula. The club also supplements the activities of the Great Conversation students through activities within and across cohorts and years. Beyond the Conversation's main activity consists of weekly dinners, usually on Fridays at 6:00pm in BC222. For each dinner, one member of the club suggests a short piece to read/watch/listen to/look at/consider; discussion then centers around, but is not limited to, this piece. St. Olaf students, faculty, or staff participating in the club do not have to be in the Great Conversation; they must, however, cultivate a love of knowledge. Beyond the Conversation was established at St. Olaf in 2008.

Meetings: usually 6:00pm on Fridays in BC222; emails indicate otherwise

Contacts:  Consul Isaac Behrens (behrensi), Praetor Annelise Brandel-Tanis (brandelt), Consul Bethany Dikken (dikken), Praetor Solvejg Wastvedt (wastveds)

Last Updated: 5/15/12