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Celebrate South Asia!

Category: Diversity Celebration Programs

Celebrate South Asia! celebrates Afghanistan's, Bangladesh's, Bhutan's, India's, Maldives's, Nepal's, Pakistan's and Sri Lanka's diverse cultures, languages, religions and people while not losing sight of the beauty that the subcontinent holds.


Meetings: Mondays @ 5:30 PM at CMIE Lounge


  • Secretary: Amrita Bhagia (bhagia1)
  • Senior Co-Chair: Jaya Bhojwani (bhojwani)
  • PR Head: Rin Islam (islam1)
  • DCC Representative: Zareef Kamal (kamal1)
  • PR Head: Avisya Mishra (mishra1)
  • Junior Co-Chair: Srinidhi Satish (satish1)
  • Social Chair: Bidit Sharma (sharma1)
  • Social Chair: Sarin Sony (sony1)
  • Treasurer: Rigzin Tamchos (tamchos)

Last Updated: 6/26/17