Awesome Club

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1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a neurological disorder primarily affecting one's ability to communicate. People with ASD have difficulty understanding facial expression, body language, and everyday social context that comes naturally to most. As if middle school and high school weren't tough enough for a regular teen, imagine how hard it would be for someone with autism. Awesome Club is an autism social skills and awareness program. Each week volunteers do outdoor activities, play group games, hang out, and have a great time with kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities at Northfield Middle School and High School. It sounds simple, but the value of social skills programs like Awesome Club is immeasurable. Providing a social atmosphere for kids with autism to hang out and act like typical teens is extremely instrumental in improving their quality of life because it gives them the opportunity to build friendships. These programs boost the self-esteem of individuals with ASD and prepare them for life after high school when communication is key to success in the work field and in life. Awesome Club also promotes awareness of autism on the St. Olaf campus through fundraisers, guest speakers, and special events.

Meetings: Thursdays


  • Treasurer: Mary Ellen Fradgley (fradgl1)
  • VN Coordinator: Becca Person (person1)
  • PD: Niels Ryden (ryden1)

Last Updated: 4/18/18