Secular Student Alliance at St. Olaf (SSA-STO)

Category: Religious

The Secular Student Alliance at St. Olaf (SSA-STO) group aims to represent the non-religious students on campus. As an organization at a Lutheran college, it is important to provide the opportunity for secular students to engage in open-minded conversation and form relationships with students of similar belief systems. SSA-STO will create dialogue about secular thought, help grow a strong and visible non-religious community, and develop a safe and accepting environment for secular students on campus. Members of SSA-STO will spread awareness about non-religion, serve the wider community, and work to dispel myths about non-religious stereotypes.

Meetings: Tuesdays at 6:30, BC 220

Contacts:  President Xandra Best (best), Vice President Phil Capra (capra), Director of Administration Catherine Oliver (oliver)

Last Updated: 10/14/14