St. Olaf Unitarian Universalists

Category: Religious

The St. Olaf Unitarian Universalists will seek to create an environment where students may gather for worship, service, fellowship, pastoral care, community and interfaith dialog with like minded individuals. We are a religious organization which seeks to promote the Unitarian Universalist Association principles. While being a unique religious group without any creeds for our members, we seek to establish bonds between other organizations on campus with similar goals, be they religious, service-oriented, political, cultural, or social. We hope to work with the larger Unitarian Universalist community on the issues, both spiritual and social, that bring us together. Though not directly affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association we will work with them in our common spiritual and social endeavors.

Contacts:  Chair Alex Askew (askew), Treasurer Paige Dobbertin (dobberti)

Last Updated: 11/6/13