St. Olaf Global Brigades

Category: Volunteer Network Programs

St. Olaf Global Brigades is a chapter of Global Brigades, the world's largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. The group travels to either Panama (Environmental Brigade only) or Honduras for a week during Interim Break. In the Medical Brigade, students and healthcare professionals bring medical clinics to rural communities. In the Public Health Brigade, students work in a home to build five projects that promote health and sustainable development. In the Environmental Brigade, students participate in environmental service work. During Interim Break 2016, over 50 St. Olaf students traveled through this organization and came back to campus with a broader understanding of global healthcare and economics.

Contacts:  Co-President (environmental) Marcus Frick (frickm), Co-President (medical) Abby Jones (jonesa), Co-President (medical) Christina Pauley (pauleyc), Co-President (environmental) Jordan Pellegrom (pellegro), Co-President (public health) Kaitlyn Probst (probst), Co-President (public health) Joe Pugh (pugh1), Campus Chairperson Sarah Rajala (rajala), Co-President (medical) Anja Selland (selland)

Last Updated: 2/22/16