Haiti Justice Alliance: St. Olaf

Category: Awareness

Our mission is to work for the sustainable structural changes needed in Haiti to provide social, political and economic rights to all Haitians. To achieve our mission we establish these five major goals: 1. Support established grassroots efforts in Haiti. We will support groups that are committed to long-term solutions for Haiti. Each organization that we partner with must have as its ultimate goal the empowerment of Haitians to work for the betterment of their country. 2. Develop a network of justice advocates. Our goal is to build a network of justice advocates who are committed to working for lasting structural change in Haiti. A strategic partnership among Carleton College, St. Olaf College, the Northfield Community and others will bring together people with a variety of skills and interests that can be used to benefit the established Haiti groups that we partner with. 3. Provide opportunities for people to engage actively in Haiti issues. Individuals including students at the two colleges will be able to engage with groups in Haiti in their areas of interest and expertise such as environmental work, human rights, education, hunger, art, music, microfinance, immigration, and journalism. Matching expertise, interest and acceptable technology to the problems in Haiti will benefit our partner groups in Haiti that need support to carry on their heroic efforts to work for short and long term solutions in Haiti. 4. Work for more just US policies and actions toward Haiti. We seek to bring awareness of the underlying causes of Haiti’s struggles including the US policies that have contributed greatly to Haiti’s poverty and political instability. We will work actively to support just and beneficial US policies toward Haiti. 5. Model community partnership / utilize community resources. Drawing from the Northfield community, Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges we intend to model a partnership that takes advantage of the unique opportunities and energy generated by the presence of two nationally recognized institutions (with a fresh influx of 1,200 students each year) and a community motivated to work for a more just world. **Additionally, we support TWO SUMMER INTERNSHIPS at the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti in Boston, MA each year. Please contact Claire Bransky (branskyc@stolaf.edu) if you would like to be involved!


Contacts:   Claire Branksy (branskyc), Co-Leader Chandreyei Guharay (guharay), Co-Leader Kaija Hedger (hedger)

Last Updated: 8/12/15