Lotus - Olaf's Buddhist Sangha

Category: Special Interest

Lotus – Olaf’s Buddhist Sangha is a welcoming community to all people, Buddhist or not, who study and discuss the teachings of the Buddha and Buddhism in general. No prior knowledge of Buddhism is required. This community recognizes the potential in everyone to grow and cultivate his/her Buddha-nature – kindness, friendship, compassion, mindfulness, and honesty – and thus strives to cultivate that Buddha-nature in each of us. We do this through meditation, discussion, and mindfulness practice. We meet weekly to meditate, briefly, discuss readings or ideas related to Buddhism, choose a mantra or theme to be mindful of throughout the next week, and then discuss our mindfulness practice of the previous week.


Contacts:  President Annie Lips (lipsa), President Megan Muhs (muhs)

Last Updated: 4/14/14