Musika Nova

Category: Academic

[Musika Nova: New Music Society of St. Olaf College] // Musika Nova is a student organization created for the purpose of sharing new and experimental music in the St. Olaf College community. Composers, performers, and fans of new music are all welcome to join. In addition to working with guest artists, the group meets weekly for discussion and sharing of new works, and holds several recitals, concerts, and get-togethers throughout the year. We aspire to foster a healthy community of self-motivated artists within the St. Olaf community. We work in a way that tries to fill in the gaps at St. Olaf for composers, musicians, and other unique sound artists. We hope to present innovative, engaging, and creative works in ways that allow for inclusivity and broad appeal.

Meetings: Thursday Weekly (9pm, CHM 239)

Contacts:  Treasurer Nathan Crowe (crowen), President Jack Langdon (langdon), Secretary Haley Olson (olsonhe), Vice-President Adam Sanders (sandersa)

Last Updated: 4/21/16