Musika Nova

Category: Academic

MUSIKA NOVA: NEW MUSIC AT ST. OLAF COLLEGE Musika Nova is a student organization created for the purpose of sharing new and experimental music in the St. Olaf College community. We are a group devoted to artistic progress, improvisation, and interdisciplinary dialogue. We aspire to broaden the musical experiences at St. Olaf College by innovative and daring programming of late-20th and 21st century works, performing in a wide variety of venues, encouraging collaboration with artists outside of the sonic arts, and embracing advances in technology and new media to augment the listening experience.


Meetings: Thursday Weekly (9pm, Dittmann 204a in the link)

Contacts:  Co-President Miles Christian (christ2), Treasurer Nate Crowe (crowen), Co-President Jamie Koffler (koffle1), Vice-President/Artistic Director Jack Langdon (langdon), Secretary Adam Sanders (sandersa)

Last Updated: 9/15/16