St. Olaf College Advertising Society

Category: Academic

The purpose of this student organization is to create a venue for St. Olaf students to learn about the advertising industry beyond what is offered by current academic programs. The Ad Society will provide a variety of events organized by members and officers to learn about the ad industry, gain experience, develop skills and make connections to people working in the industry. At the same time, the Ad Society will address the importance of studying the broader effects of the industry academically. By creating an organization that comprehensively covers the business, creative, and academic sides of the ad industry, we hope to prepare our members for careers within advertising and related fields. Even for members not specifically interested in the career side, this organization will provide opportunities to learn how commercial media ties into almost any other field of study.

Contacts:  President Thomas Dunning (dunningt), Treasurer Addie Larson (larsonam)

Last Updated: 4/14/14