St. Olaf College Greens

Category: Political

St. Olaf College Greens is committed to confronting the two-party hegemony propagated by our political system and promoting Green Party values, candidates and campaigns. We also strive to educate St. Olaf students about the pervasive corporate influence in the American political system and the establishment media. We value environmentalism, non-violence, social justice, feminism and grassroots organizing. Activities include voter registration events, volunteering with Green Party campaigns, connecting and networking with members of other Green Party student organizations in Minnesota, hosting campus speakers and participating in community service activities and political demonstrations. St. Olaf College Greens meets every Monday from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. in Buntrock Commons 146. Visit our Facebook page or contact us at for more information!

Last Updated: 4/14/14