Supporting Special Needs

Category: Volunteer Network Programs

Supporting Special Needs Club is an organization dedicated to providing support for our local and national special needs communities, as well as promoting education at St. Olaf. We volunteer with people who have special needs and the people who support them. Activities include national walks, respite events at Laura Baker Services Association, fundraising events, and programs at Creating Community Club. Several of our members participate in one-on-one activities through our own organization’s SSN Campus Connect program.


Meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month @ 7 p.m.


  • Treasurer: Stein Acker (acker1)
  • Local Outreach Officer: Cari Cotts (cotts1)
  • Public Relations Officer: Renata Erickson (ericks8)
  • Public Relations Officer: Taylor Madison (madiso2)
  • Co-President: Avisya Mishra (mishra1)
  • Local Outreach Officer: Hannah Nilsson (nilsso1)
  • Co-President: Becca Person (person1)
  • Public Relations Officer: Jessica Slivinski (slivin1)
  • Treasurer: Gaonue Vang (vang15)

Last Updated: 5/11/18