Oles Combating Poverty

Category: Awareness

To combat global poverty and to encourage entrepreneurship across the socioeconomic spectrum, Oles Combating Poverty Through Microfinance provides microfinancing opportunities for St. Olaf students to give back to the global and connect with the local community. We also seek to promote awareness about Microfinance as a sustainable strategy to combat poverty.

Contacts:   Sam Bosak (bosak),  Dan Frankenfeld (frankenf),  Jack Frederickson (frederjr),  Zachary Hinz (hinz1),  Brandon Khor (khor),  Carl Miller (millercj),  Kelsey Myers (myersk),  Mudassar Sandozi (sandozi),  Abby Senuty (senuty),  Damene Woldermariam (woldemar)

Last Updated: 2/15/15