Science Alliance

Category: Volunteer Network Programs

The Science Alliance is a STEM educational outreach program bringing hands-on, exciting science materials to K-8 classrooms in the Northfield area. Our visits occur throughout the school year during after-school programs as well as in classrooms. It is not necessary for the St. Olaf volunteer to come to every visit or volunteer consistently! Visit our website for more information: or email

Meetings: Sign up to volunteer for 1 1/2 hours whenever it fits into your schedule! Email the coordinators for more information.

Contacts:  Co-Coordinator Michael Ahn (ahn2), Team Leader Michael Burgdorf (burgdorm), Development Director Emma Chapman (chapman), Team Leader Liam John (johnl), Development Director Cassie Paulsen (paulsenc), Development Director Emma Schnuckle (schnuckl), Co-Coordinator Elisabeth Sepulveda (sepulvee), Development Director Lara Shefelbine (shefelbi)

Last Updated: 5/13/15