Science Alliance

Category: Volunteer Network Programs

The Science Alliance is a STEM educational outreach program bringing hands-on, exciting science materials to K-12 classrooms in the Northfield area. Our visits occur throughout the school year at different times according to the teacher's preference. It is not necessary for the St. Olaf volunteer to come to every visit or volunteer consistently! Visit our website for more information:

Meetings: Sign up to volunteer for 1 1/2 hours whenever it fits into your schedule! Email the coordinators for more information.

Contacts:  Team Leader Michael Burgdorf (burgdorm), Development Director Emma Chapman (chapman), Team Leader Liam John (johnl), Development Director Cassie Paulsen (paulsenc), Co-Coordinator Emma Schnuckle (schnuckl), Co-Coordinator Lara Shefelbine (shefelbi)

Last Updated: 8/30/14