Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice

Category: Religious

We are dedicated to interfaith cooperation. The goal of this group is to explore diverse religious traditions and promote dialogue that is respectful, positive, and constructive. The hope is to foster a genuine acceptance of one another and experience a trusting and trustworthy community. We plan to have gatherings that consist of relationship building, education, dialogue, service, and social change. Relationship building and empowerment are the basic building blocks to making peace. We believe that world peace emerges from actions each one of us takes in our own lives and in our own small sphere of the world. Email us if you're interested in joining and/or planning! FIRST EVENT: Wednesday, April 16 @ 8 pm in the Black Ballroom :)

Contacts:   Leah Plasek (plasek),  Kiki Sykes (sykes),  Nora Uhrich (uhrich)

Last Updated: 4/13/14