The Bridge

Category: Multicultural

Our Mission: The Bridge is a magazine where St. Olaf students of different racial and ethnic backgrounds write and produce art about political and racial issues on and off campus.Through healthy dialogue and bi-yearly publications, we hope to raise consciousness of racial inequality, encourage solidarity, and strengthen our community. Our Values: -Provide a safe outlet for people to express their cultural heritage and adversities. -Promote diversity initiatives and awareness on campus. -Further the discussion about racial and political issues on and off campus.

Meetings: Sundays from 1pm - 2pm. BC 142.

Contacts:  Co-Chair Jasmine Carlson (carlsojs), Treasurer Jinhee Cha (chaj), Website and Social Media Manager Graham Glennon (glennon), Co-Chair Alia McDaniel (mcdaniel), Visual Arts Editor Jacqueline Nuzzo (nuzzo)

Last Updated: 4/1/16