The Bridge

Category: Multicultural

The Bridge is an organization which brings together students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Through healthy dialogue, we hope to raise consciousness of racial inequality both on and off campus, encourage solidarity, and strengthen our community. In addition, we strive to provide a safe outlet for people to express their cultural heritage and to promote diversity initiatives on campus. The Bridge is seeking students who enjoy research, writing, drawing, and teamwork to contribute to our monthly journal.

Meetings: Thursdays 6-8pm, Sundays 1-3pm

Contacts:  Historian Eleanor Anderson (andersed), Secretary Kira Braun (braunk), Public Relations Precious Ismail (ismail), Logistics Personnel Safra Mohamed (mohameds), Co-Chair Kathy Trieu (trieu), Co-Chair Gaonou Vang (vanggn), Public Relations Bonnsy Vue (vueb)

Last Updated: 3/8/15