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         Friday, March 2, 2001
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Lizz Lund
Student Columnist

The government bugs me. Not the concept; I'm all for the social contract. Not even the laws, although there's a few I could argue against. What bothers me is when the government steps outside its proper role of keeping public order and begins making personal decisions for its people.

Environmentalism for nature itself is also pro-human
Daniel Schamm
Contributing Writer

The February 23 Opinion column "Do veganism and environmentalism go against human nature?" by Nick Grey was so infuriatingly illogical that it was difficult not to go to a computer immediately after I had read it to write a letter in response. But it's been a day now, and hopefully my head is clear enough to write an adequate and reasonable response to the arguments put forth by Grey, which, against all reason, seem to defend complacency in the face of alarming environmental issues which cry out for action.

Misinformation on LWP
Caleb Kasper and Patrick Thomas
Contributing Writers

As representatives of the St. Olaf Anti-Sweatshop group Priorities, we have encountered a wealth of different opinions. While we may not agree with every opinion presented to us, they all, undoubtedly, warrant consideration. However, when the people presenting these opinions do so in a misinformed manner, they inhibit both sides of the argument by confusing the facts.

No Comment
Brian Smith
Off-campus Columnist

It was high noon. Pen? Check. Notebook? Check. Camera? Check. I was ready. It would be challenging and dangerous, a journey to the center of the universe, at least in Sam Donaldson's mind. Yes, I was headed towards ABCs studios to hear and meet the big wig of all media big wigs: Sam Donaldson.

On Cuba, understood
Dawn Pankonien
Contributing Writer

I need to say this, here, in hopes of sparing all future travelers to Cuba. Cuban culture has NOTHING to do with cigars. Or very little.

A word from our editors: Everybody say "Cheesy"
Eric Vegoe and Elizabeth Holmes
Executive Editors

Recipe for campaigning on campus at St. Olaf: Ingredients: 3 words to form campaign slogan some sort of rhyme scheme or alliteration preferable. 1 headshot the cheesier the better. 1 large white sheet of paper

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