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Society for Ancient History


Society for Ancient History

SAH is an academic group dedicated to the exploration of the ancient world. We are interested in everything from sports to pirates to great speeches and epic battles with valorous heros. SAH meets periodically to discuss ancient news, watch ancient-themed movies, and simply appreciate the ancient world as a whole.

First Annual SAH Picnic

Saturday May 14 was the end of semester picnic at Imperator Howe's house. (We'd all like to extend a special thank you to the Howes for inviting us to thier home.) It was attended by the majority of the populus. There were several excellent greek dishes and a fierce game of badmitton among the consuls. Felicissimus dies. For more information and pictures visit

Ancient News

Check back for updates!

Click on the Annual Speakers link to view posters for speakers we've brought to campus in the recent past.

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