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Survivors of personal crimes often feel sad, angry, hurt or confused. If you have been hurt by sexual assault, relationship violence or stalking, it was not your fault and you are not alone. Advocates at SARN offer support and advocacy to St. Olaf students, staff and faculty. All of our services are free and are strictly confidential. We will listen and explain your options. Any choice you make about what to do next is your own decision.

If you have just experienced one of these crimes, you may have questions about what to do right now. Emergency situations can be responded to by the local police by dialing 911 and/or you can choose to call or email a SARN advocate at (507) 786-3777 or SARN advocates will not pressure you to make any decisions you do not wish to make. All contact with SARN is confidential.

SARN offers numerous free and confidential services and can provide information about the facts and dynamics surrounding sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.

We encourage you to learn about these issues from our website, but nothing can replace talking with a real, live advocate. We therefore encourage those in our community who are survivors to call our help line at (507) 786-3777, email or stop by our office to speak with an advocate.

This website was modeled after the Aurora Center at the University of Minnesota
May 5, 2009